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Afghan Kush has an earthy scent, and gives a heavy feeling of laziness or sleepiness on consumption. As euphoric strain Afghan Kush causes users to feel very happy. Afghan Kush has a THC content of 17%.

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Afghan Kush, an almost 100% Indica strain is naturally grown in the Hindu Kush mountain range. The strain has a very earthy, almost “hash-like” scent with a hint of Pinesol-like aroma. It has a sweet hash taste similar to its smell. Flower of this strain are very condensed and covered in a fair amount of trichomes and has the familiar broad leaves of other Indicas. Because this strain is mostly Indica, it affects the body much more than the mind. This results in a heavy feeling of laziness or sleepiness. It is also described as a very euphoric strain that causes patients to feel very happy.

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1 Ounce, 1/8 pound(56grams), 1/4 pound(112grams), 1/2 pound(224grams), 1 pound(448grams)

2 reviews for Afghan Kush

  1. Amiyah Ruth

    5 stars all around for! After buying some edibles at a dispensary in BC a few months ago, I was dying to get more but live too far away. After searching for the products I was looking for, I found this amazing website. It has everything and more of what I’m looking for. The descriptions of all the product is very helpful in deciding what to buy, especially with some of the strains of bud that I’m unfamiliar with.

    I’ve had the pleasure of talking to one of the girls on the phone a couple of times. Customer service is 100% on point with this company! Always friendly and happy to help. When doing up an order, I’m confident that I’ll receive my package in a timely matter and if there are ever any issues, I know I would be notified immediately. I’ve dealt with other online companies like this one, and I’ll just say that they seriously need to step it up if they want to even come close to
    Thanks for being my trusty cannabis store! Keep it up

  2. Florence

    Gotta say these guys have the BEST customer service!!! If your not happy with a product they will do what they can to make you happy! Their bud is totally beautiful and tastes even better! Been ordering from them since they opened, and have had a great experience so far!!! 😁 😁 ✌️✌️

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